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Learn Spanish at Chac-Mool

Do You Want to Learn Spanish? There is no better Place than Cuernavaca México. And there is no better School than Chacmool.
Cuernavaca is well known for it´s “Neutral Spanish” , Many Movie Dubbing studios are located in Cuernavaca.
Cuernavaca has one of the best climates in the world which gave it the name of “The City of Eternal Spring”.
At Chacmool we apply a unique methodology. We believe in Language Acquisition Vs. Language Learning. Classes have a maximum of 5 people
Turn Your Spanish Learning into a Great Experience


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Instituto Chac-Mool

Privada de la Pradera #108, La Pradera, 62170 Cuernavaca, Mor.
Teléfono: 01 777 317 2555



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